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Joe Kelly - Shell Chemical

Michael Miller - G&W

Arthur Adams - CSX

Jeff Senchak, Koppers 

Joseph Monfredi, US Steel 
Aaron Plitt, AMG Resources

Bernhard Hoffmann, US Steel

 Clark Reed, Norfolk Southern  
Peter Jones, Greenbrier Companies 
Moderator: Paddy O’Neill, Glynn Lane Consulting

Anthony Hatch - abh Consulting

Jason Seidl - Cowen

Kristy Knichel - Knichel Logistics

David Shannon - Railpulse

Eric Monger - Koch

Bonus Panels

Marty Oberman - Chairman - STB

Andrew Stahl - Stahl Recruiting

Dr Peter Swan - Penn State University

Dr Richard Harknett - University of Cinncinati

Register FOR Spring Conference - NEWPORT, RI!
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BALTIMORE 2022- The Q&A portion is now closed.